Monday, March 24, 2014

New Giveaways to Enter!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry it has been...well WAY too long since I have last posted.  But okay, I was entering some giveaways today, and do you ever look for giveaways to enter and feel like no matter where you go, no matter what you search, it's just the same giveaway you are seeing listed everywhere?  Me too!
       So today I found this AWESOME blog
Not only are their posts top notch, but the giveaways ROCK!  I was so excited to see new giveaways, and they have a lot of them! And did I mention they don't have a billion entries like most you see?  So here are some of my favorite giveaways I wanted to share with my readers today.

Wonki Wands Kit    This thing looks awesome!

photo (12)


Panel 0


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Lilly gold 1

See?! Didn't I tell you they were amazing!  Now get out there and win some great stuff! Don't forget to follow my blog for more giveaway updates and as always, let me know if you win!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shave set and Herbal doggy bath bar!

Check out this awesome giveaway

They are giving away an adorable shave set and bath bar, all amazing ingredients!

Welcome to my blog! / My first giveaway post!

Welcome to my new blog everyone! :)  It's definitely under construction, I hope it to be much more fabulous in the coming days.  But for now, you HAVE to check out this giveaway for a BEAUTIFUL infinity scarf found at

It is a very easy entry using rafflecopter, and not to mention while you are there, you just HAVE to check out where the little beauty of a scarf came from.  The clothing is just beautiful!
But hurry! You only have 5 more days to enter!  :)